Welcome to Christian Life Fellowship.

Are you looking for a church to call home? You’ve come to the right place. Christian Life Fellowship is a revival oriented church where you can come and feel God’s presence, get solid Godly teaching, and hear the truth of the Bible preached every time the Word is opened. We have a pastor that loves and cares for every member in our assembly. He cares about the church, the community, and for the lost souls in our families and towns.

We believe the church exists to meet the spiritual, emotional, and social needs of people.

We hope that you will feel like this is the place for you to be, and we promise to make your encounter with God a rewarding experience.


Sunday Service: 10:00 am.

2585 St. Rte. 405
Muncy, PA 17756
570-546-9482 - church

Pastor Vaughn N Turner

570-337-9729 - Pastor

Pastor Vaughn Turner


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